Robert Urie

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
The Conversation Digital Image Printed 46'' X 38.33''
Elmo Has a Bad Day Digital Image Printed 46'' X 38.33''
Get Well Soon Digital Image Printed 46'' X 38.33''
Putney, AK Digital Image Printed 46'' X 38.33''
Mr Sincere Does the Dinosaur Inversion Digital Image Printed 46'' X 38.33''
Artist's Statement

One of the more interesting ideas is found in D. T. Suzuki's comments, following an exchange with philosopher Martin Heidegger, on the idiocy in meditative Zen of no mind versus the predefinitional world that he believed was the true idea of Zen nothingness. The relevance is that the apparent universal human tendency toward creating images doesn't emerge from no mind because abscence isn't a space within which to create communicable images, but neither does it fall within the realm of specific cultural objects with unified meaning. Many of the prettiest buildings were built with slave labor. In other words, if there were a way to effectively communicate the images with writing, I certainly wouldn't need to create them, but then what would be the difference?


Art School (SVA) No Degree
Punk Bands
Economics and Philosophy Good College
Economics Graduate School Good School
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