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Robert Sorensen

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Skullcrusher 12" x 12"
Untitled (Pigs) 32" x 48"
Untitled (Seamen) 16" x 20"
St. Theresa on Ecstasy 18" x 24"
Untitled (Demon Child) 16" x 20"
Artist's Statement

In my work I aim to capture the essence of an ever-changing morphology of visual form. Letting shapes contrast one another in the viewers perception of the composition, I constantly search through different media ways to create an illusion of moving form in still image. Meshing together different, elaborate textures in the media combined with esoteric symbols and shapes is my way of mending the gap between the light reflecting from the surface and what is being perceived by the human mind.
Taking identifiable images and forms I aim to design vaguely recognizable portraits and landscapes by letting the images evolve through unexpected change in color and texture. Altering time and space is an endless concept in my work through reflections of information that is both archaic and visions of the future. By channeling divine concept through imagination, I continue in my efforts to capture what captivates me the most.


Born on March 2nd, 1984, Robert Sørensen grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, NY in what he describes as a "cultural wasteland." Finding inspiration early on from comic books, cartoons & science fiction movies, Robert began drawing & working with mixed media as a child and initially wanted to be a cartoonist for comic books before changing direction towards film and finally settling in the world of fine arts. Robert works with all types of mixed media with a focus on oil & acrylic based painting and drawing on found objects as well as printmaking.
Studied at Pratt Institute from 2002 - 2003 and Parsons School of Design - 2005 - 2010