Robert Pirretti

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Scorpion Bomber
Great White Sub
Centipede Rail Gun
Manta Bomber
A-10 Hornet
Artist's Statement

Artist Statement 2006

In my work, I perceive and conceptualize the world around me in flickering moments of memory much like a projected filmstrip or video image. Through video I am trying to understand and reconstruct my emotional reaction to these moments. By focusing on this process I am able to re-examine memory and what it means to obsess over, and ultimately interpret my emotional content within these memories. Additionally, I become keenly aware of the inherent dichotomy of fiction and truth present in memory.


Education: Parsons, Penn State Selected Exhibitions: 2004-2010 Artz Garage, Spread Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY•The Drop—Urban Art Infill, NYC Cube Considered, Monkey Town,Brooklyn, NY,•MOV-IN Gallery, Santa Fe, NM•P.A.M., 2nd Nature Festival, Aix-en-Provence, FR•The Future Was Then[PART 2]—Regurgitating Histories, SCOPE, Basel, SWZ The Future Was Then… So Now What… SCOPE Lincoln Center, NYC•Nurture Art Benefit, NYC•US–UK The Roger Smith Lab Gallery, NYC •Bling Bling Ka-Ching! Pickled Arts Centre, Beijing, CN•Guerilla Film Festival The Lab Gallery, NYC•Scared Stiff, Alice Band Salon, NYC•Peekskill Project, Paramount Theater, Peekskill, NY•Not Still Art Video Festival, Micro Museum, Brooklyn, NY•Revolution:Warface, Pamlela Auchincloss Project Space, NYC•Postcards from the edge, Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC•The Ides of March, ABC NO RIO Gallery, NYC•Loomipad, Cinema Classics, NYC