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Robert Otto Epstein

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Microsoft Office Sweater, color pencil on paper, 20 x 17 in
Summer Blanket, color pencil on paper, 23 x 16 in
Hot Summer Dress, color pencil on paper, 23 x 18 in
Pattern for Jacket, color pencil on paper, 17 x 14 in
Robert Otto
Artist's Statement

Robert Otto Epstein
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Epstein’s work consists of drawings and paintings on paper based on vintage/1980s/1990s designs for clothing and home decor. Epstein’s interests lie in the deconstructive/generative nature of repetitive systems at play in fabric making. The work couples the visual vocabulary of instructional diagrams for sweaters, jackets, dresses, blankets, pillowcases etc., with the digitization of 1980s era 8-bit schemata.
His primary interests are in modes of production or 'the machinery of making.' He considers the body at work in the vain of Gilles Deleuze's 'desiring machine'—as a kind of round-the-clock factory model where the assembly of 'being' and 'doing' and its creative wares are one in the same. As such, his paintings are as much about the repetitive, mechanistic process that he performs in making them as they are about the formal product.


Robert Otto Epstein
+1 412.969.4843 / /
A Series of Alternating Uniform Spaces and Parts, Airplane Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, April 20 – May 18
Inside Voices, Parallel Art Space, Ridgewood, NY, February 23 – April 7
Grid/Graph, Mulherin + Pollard, New York NY, February 28 - March 31
Uprise Art at Chelsea Market, Chelsea Market Concourse, New York, NY, December – January 2013
Nurture Art Benefit Exhibition, Charles Bank Gallery, New York, NY, November
Pattern and Embellishment, Drive-By Projects, Watertown, MA, October 18 – November 24
Sleeveless Cardigan (Solo Exhibition), Mt. Comfort Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana, September 7 – 28
The Machinery of Desire (Solo Exhibition), Retramp Gallery, Berlin, Germany, September 6 – October 11
Affordable Art Fair, Spring 2012, Uprise Art Booth, New York, NY, April 18 – 22