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Robert daniels

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Artist's Statement

I am a passionate messenger for the artistic spirit that rest inside of me. I recreate the visions of my mind. First, I see; Then, I create. I use all mediums available to stimulate the viewers response. I use all types of surfaces to render the subject in a manner that will confront the viewers focus. My visions are from the stories handed down from my parent, relatives or my travels. I replay these items in my mind and then translate them to the canvas. the elements of the artistic process are very important to me; Line, color, and space are all essential to build the foreground and background of the concepts or images.


Born in Mount Vernon, new York. Gratuated from Herbert H. Lehman College in the Bronx, New York...Currently the director of Nappy Head Art.....Robert was selected to join the Weusi Artist Collective in 2008. will update at a later time....