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Robbie Lettieri

Studio Building
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A boy believed he was possessed, so death became of him.
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We have our entire lives to die, live while you can.
Artist's Statement
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Life is a storm without any path of navigation. As a kid, I only saw the sun with a few passing clouds until the age of seven. From that mark around the star that makes our sphere we call home what it is, my California sky had become a beast not many could recognize. If any. For the next fourteen years, my life would be revolving around the eye of a hurricane with no intention of giving way to any foreseeable future. I never had any fears. Not as a kid, not as an adult. My only fear was reliving the storm that almost killed me countless amounts of times. Believing you can outrun what has torn apart the road behind you is simply naive. This is the story I never wanted to tell.