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Rob Carter

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Stone on Stone" 2009, 7 mins 44 secs, HD digital video, B&W/Color/Sound (Clip taken from the 3rd to 6th minute)
"Metropolis" 2008, 9 mins 30 secs, HD digital video, B&W/Color/Sound (Clip taken from last 3 minutes)
Artist's Statement

Stop-motion animation, time-lapse video and large format photographs spotlight iconic and political structures in our urban environment, especially sports stadia, skyscrapers, churches, and other historical landmarks. Cut photographic images and living plants are used to make often humorous retellings of history - morphing and recontextualizing architecture and urban development. Recent work draws parallels between the inspiration and power of the natural world, and human attempts to understand, manipulate and control of it in the past, present and future.


Rob Carter received his BFA from the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (Oxford, 1998). In August 2000 he relocated to NYC to attend Hunter College, receiving his MFA in 2003. Since then he has exhibited his work in numerous locations in Europe and North America. In 2008 he opened solo shows in Madrid and Rome, attended the Art Omi Residency, became a West Prize finalist, and was awarded a Marie Walsh Sharpe studio space. The following year he premiered a new video at MAD in NYC and mounted his first US solo show at Ebersmoore. In 2010 he is working on an Art In General New Commission (opens 2011), will exhibit his work at the ICA in Philadelphia, and in the ‘Bruce Silverstein Annual’, plus take part in residencies in Krems, Austria, and Valencia, Spain.