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Rina Dweck is a multi media artist whose works confront the self-portrait, examining the ways that identity can be simultaneously stagnant and changing. A painter, Dweck transforms her own face into a canvas that she approaches with new fervor over and over, adding and removing props and disguises. Her works explore how one face can exude diverse meanings. Dweck views the photograph as the capturing of a moment, and the moments she captures on her own face are pieces in a larger trajectory, moments in a grander performance that define her aesthetic. Presented here are pieces from her ongoing large scale Polaroid series, Sides, multi media pieces from her time at the Vermont Studio Center, and pieces from her 365 image work, Project Face.


1998 NYU, B.S. School of Education, Studio Art, Magna Cum Laude 1998“Fundamentals of Painting Undergraduate Show,” curated by Lisa Yuskavage 1998-2010Annual Student Holiday Exhibition, Green Studio, NY 2011 Artists Wanted: One Life Photo Publication 2012 “Project Face,” Pop-galleries in NY & Asbury Park, NJ Barbican Arts Group Trust, Artworks Open, London "Project Face": Huffington Post "Project Face" exhibitions, Miami, FL "Meta" Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA “Portrait: Image and Identity, ”Blackbox Gallery, OR 2013“Rina Dweck,” LandEscape ReviewArt Kudos Finalist, Online Art Exhibition Un-Inhibited Smart Device, “Best Use of Hipstamatic” Award, BWAC Residency, VSC 2014Snap to Grid, LACDA Portrait Category Finalist, 6th Pollux Awards Guest Lecturer, BEYOND SELF-PROMOTION 440 Gallery, Brooklyn MPLS Photo Center – Mobile Photo Exhibition (forthcoming) Borderland - Hidden Identities & Forbidden Desires, Spain (forthcoming) Residency, VSC