Richard Wilson

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This video presents documentation of my show Mr. Benn's spare/time continuum. see
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This video presents documentation of the installation "vortex assemblage".
Artist's Statement

I am interested in image making processes, seeing and its affect. I work with many media, ideally creating immersive environments within which there is cooperation between the old and the new. It appears to function, even if a bit irrationally at times - then is now! This meeting gives rise to impossibly futuristic objects, situations and ultimately images that attempt to question the fabric of contemporary spectacle. At stake is the character of our attention and wonder. How can something so modest and unassuming be the source of such spectacular and quaintly naughty images? This is not 3-D cinema or Olympic fireworks displays it is a more intimate form of escape. E.g. In the exhibition “Mr. Benn’s Spare/Time continuum” we find instead of the coziness of a fire, there is a spinning mirror ball and glass candlestick. Using mundane and familiar objects as my materials, I generate unexpected experiences for the spectator.


I was born in 1972 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I was educated in the UK, earning a MFA from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2005. I have exhibited internationally including the ICA in London, the Dia Beacon, and Exit Art amongst other locations. I had a solo exhibition at Jack the Pelican Presents in Williamsburg, Brooklyn entitled “Mr.Benn’s spare/time Continuum” in January 2009. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY.