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Rehan Miskci

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Artist's Statement

By having Armenian roots and living in Istanbul, Turkey I lived in and experienced a constant state of duality. "Void" explores my struggle with this issue by visualizing notions of the displacement, the loss of identity and the absence or disappearance of the culture through images that emphasize these notions through the evocation and depiction of studio space. My main inspiration in this project is the archive of Maryam Sahinyan, an Armenian studio photographer, a woman who worked by herself for 50 years (1935 – 1985) in the heart of Istanbul. Artist, researcher and writer Tayfun Serttas introduced Sahinyan to a contemporary audience in 2011. I remove the figures from Sahinyan's original studio photographs and relocate them to my own settings. The displacement of the figure becomes an analogy for the Armenian experience in Turkey.


b. Istanbul, 1986
based in New York.

does photo and video.