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Reginald Rousseau

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Soul Sister -1, mixed-media acrylic paint and print on canvas board.
Blue Nude, mixed-media acrylic paint and print on canvas.
Annette, mixed-media, acrylic and print on canvas.
Skull, mixed-media, acrylict, print and textile on canvas board.
Artist's Statement

"I make art because I want, need and got to. Art is my primary method of connecting and communicating with people across race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, gender, age, etc.".



Is a Haitian born, Urban Contemporary Artist base in Harlem, NY.. Known for his raw, colorful, vibrant, multi-dimensional and aesthetically inventive expressive figurative artworks which reflects today's deviant urban subcultures.

He studies the "Fine Arts" [figurative drawings, paintings, sculpting and photography] formally at the City College of New York, while pursuing a degree in Architectural Design. Over the past 10 years, Reginald has created a comprehensive body of diverse and eclectic works to includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, staged photographs, etc.. During this period, has exhibited in group shows and financed his own pop-up solo exhibitions. In 2015, founded HAP, his very own creative space.

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