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Regina Silvers

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Gs101 Granny Peace Brigade- Times Square
GS65. Code Pink Granny
GS12. In the Park
GS88. War toy Protest
GS90. War Toy- Confrontation
Artist's Statement

In 2005 A group of NY women (ranging in age from their 50‘s to their 90‘s) were arrested when attempting to enlist at the Times Square Recruitment Center in lieu of their and other grandchildren who had been deployed in Iraq. Arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, they were subsequently tried, and acquitted. Determined to work together, they became the Granny Peace Brigade and continue to protest against war. My interest in them was sparked when a friend was indicted for her participation. I have since followed this amazing group and am currently developing a series of paintings and drawings from photos I took during their protest activities. The project brings together my strong feeling for this group and its causes, my history as a peace activist/ feminist, and my aesthetic quest to create dynamic paintings where content, conviction and painterly/graphic qualities can merge.
R Silvers, 2010


Regina Silvers works with figurative and nature-based content, favoring large-scale close ups that bring the viewer right into the action.

RS has been involved with fine art for her whole adult life- as a visual artist and an art organizer. She was a founder and President of TOAST, from 2000 to 2010, and co-founder and Director of the Gallery at Hastings on Hudson (1976-84).

She has maintained a studio in TriBeCa for more than 20 years, as well as one in Woodstock NY. Both locations have provided a basis for her subject matter: the woods, streams and hiking paths of upstate NY, and the political/street activity in New York City.