Regi Müller

Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Herd, Installation, 8" x 4" x length of wall, Hydrocal, 2009
Horn, Installation, 24 x 2 x 9 inch, Hydrocal, 2009
Revolutions, Installation, Size varies approx. 40 x 40 x 1 inch, Urethane, 2007
Spine IV, Installation, Height of wall x 4" x 2", Urethane, 2006
Caps, Installation, Covers a wall (size variable), Urethane, 2002
Artist's Statement

Unsatisfied with a full time job, I began to work part time and used the free time to make abstract objects. Few colors and geometric forms are the basic of my work. To understand what I was doing, I read about symbolism, the meaning of color, chaos theory, the universe. I noticed that I reflect my life experience in my work, it is subjective, intuitive, my state of mind. Over the years the shapes changed from straight to curved. Now I use the circle and ellipse for my sculptures and serigraphs.