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Rebecca Hackemann

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Echo and Narcissus in the Digital Age, 2009, ink on paper, cylindrical mirror (not shown)
Alice's Looking Glass House, 2007, ink on paper, cylindrical mirror
The Secret Knowledge - Tribute to David Hockney, 2009, ink on paper, cylindrical mirror
The Toll of War, stereo photograph, 2010
Visionary Sightseeing Binocular, conceptual public art project, Philadelphia, PA, permanent (Vine and 10th/12th St)
Artist's Statement

Conceptual, optical and questioning is how I would describe my work, that now spans across different media. The works may take the shape of anamorphic drawings, that use a cylindrical mirror, stereo photography, wall installations that are drawings or conceptual public art works. I stretch the definition of established art historical categories. In all works, the viewer must stand at a particular point to perceive the work. The world around us is questioned humorously and prodded alongside the ways in which it is mythologized and represented to us through the lens of the mass media, literature and history.