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Rebeca Kinsey

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
New York Horse Lady in the Fall, 2010. mixed media on series of 12 boards.
NYC Walking, 2010. mixed media on canvas.
New York by Van at Night, 2010. mixed media on canvas.
Sunset Storm Red Cup, 2010. mised media on series of 6 boards.
words, numbers, dreams (being in time), 2009. digital video (still).
Artist's Statement

“I currently use video as a central point in my work; for documenting, making work and a medium itself... i'm inspired by the beauty and the mundane nature of everyday sorts of objects and activities, and am quite taken with the notion of making art whilst doing such activities, in a way that captures something of an experience without impacting the nature of it too much; walking, driving, reading...
my latest work sees me projecting video onto surfaces upon which i paint and draw... creating abstract multimedia works using haptic footage taken on my travels as source material. I’m interested in the collision of digital media and the hand made mark, and using this to find my own path to abstraction. I’m also experimenting with creating what i call slow moving paintings out of my collected video footage, which are dream-like video versions of the paintings i’ve been making... ”


Rebecca Kinsey began her career as a graphic designer, graduating from Sydney Graphics College followed by an internship at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia. Originally a self-taught painter, she has just completed a degree in Visual Arts at Southern Cross University. Recent explorations have seen her moving away from her signature graphic and illustrative narrative style of painting, and into a more process driven multimedia practice. She is currently in residence at The Art Students League of New York’s Vytlacil Campus, NY.