Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Installation "Missing" at Cafe Europe, New York (2008)
Installation: "OPEN/CLOSED" at Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin (2011)
Installation: "OPEN/CLOSED at David Zwirner Gallery, New York (2011)
Title:"This is what you are looking for" (2011)
Title: "Belfast" (1998)
Artist's Statement

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer’s artistic research is dedicated to the relationship of visual and written information in the digital sphere and their relevance for the beliefs one produces from these data. His search for new forms synchronizing visual and written information reacts and reflects on the internet as an open and central source of information in times of globalization and digitalization of data. In the synopses of visible and readable information he engenders visuals which require new perceptional approaches.


Museum Leipzig: Schrift und Typografie in der zeitgenössischen Kunst.
Kunstverein Landau, "Science Art" - Nam June Paik, Eugen Roth, Bill Viola, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Nikolai Vialkowitsch u.A.
Kinetica 2010 Artfair; Lightart in shopping windows - title: "Identity", Textportraits, Photographie, London.
One-man-Show, Art Karlsruhe, Asperger Gallery Berlin.
GLOW: Forum of Light in Art and Architecture, Eindhiven, NL. Installation "Missing" - Digitalprints on Canvas.
Galerie für Editionen Lumas, Frankfurt - Titel: "Privacy", Textportraits u.A. Maria Callas Edition.
"This item" - Photography Exhibition: Peter Hujar, Ralph Ueltzhoeffer, Laura Maria May...Marietta Neuss, London.
Stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen, Hordaland International Art Gallery, Titel: "WHO IS" - Textportraitproject "Anomity".