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Radka Salcmannova

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Still Image, Monument Of Observation, Short Film, 2016
Still Image, Outside of Relativity, Short Film, 2016
Still Image, The Touch of Eclipse,Short Film, 2016
Still Image, The Touch of Eclipse, Short Film, 2016
Still Image, Monument of Observation, Short Film, 2016
Artist's Statement

“Radka Salcmannova is known for her surreal artwork. For Radka each photo is a performance and record of the moment. Her works are modern, creative and dreamlike."
Mixing different media allows me to transgress categories that traditionally defines a work of art. The viewer is never quite certain of what she is seeing. There is always doubt. Photography looks like paint, the photograph’s object is sculptural. Paint resembles photography, and photography is a static-filled moment of video or motion. Every piece is a performance, a record of a moment as well.

I am especially interested is in transformational moments – short and limited – in which something is about to happen or just happened, though it’s often difficult to make sense of what exactly that is.



2016- Foundtation for Contemporary Art, FCA GRANTS
2016- September 8th, “Monument of Observation” , Solo exhibition, Gallery Kostka, MeetFactory, Prague, CZ
2016- February 18th,Deep is never enough , art show and art direction with collaboration Carolina Sarria, NYFW16, Nyc
2016- June 25th, Light is Dark, Immersive Gallery, Monument of observation performance and video projection, Nyc
2016- March 24th,Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, Artist presentation, National City hall in Manhattan, Nyc
2016- March 4th,LIGHT YEAR 11: DECOMPOSITION AND TRANSCENDENCE, Manhattan Bridge, Nyc
2016- March 4th, Decomposition and Transcendence, The Touch Of Eclipse, Media Center by IFP, Nyc
2013- Flat Files collection in Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, Nyc
2012- SKETCHING, Dumbo, Nyc,
2012- BACKFORWARD, Fanaberie Brooklyn, Ny
2011- CHARTS IN USE, Runs Gallery in Prague, CZ
2011- ARTSEMESTER, Gallery VSUP, Prague, CZ