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Rachel Wells

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Coney Island Congregation No. 3 - girls and boys
Coney Island Congregation No. 9 - the archaeology of childhood
Woodhull Hospital WIC Physical Activity Mural
Woodhull Hospital WIC Physical Activity Mural
Coney Island Congregation No 4 - the cyclone
Artist's Statement

In the mid 20th century, as a modern post war child,
I spent 1/2 my life with my 19th century immigrant grandmother,
who believed in the healing virtues of sun, sand and salt water?
And we went often to the beach via subway. My aunt Lila, years later,
recounted her childhood journeys to Coney Island, not by subway,
but in her mother's horse and wagon, my 5'1" grandmother, standing on the buckboard,
reins and whip in hand, the wagon up on two wheels, careening down Brooklyn, NY streets
all 5 kids in the back, on their way to the beach. In memory of my grandmother,
who came to this country alone, on a dare, when she was 14, I paint the beach she loved.
There are conversations in my painting between partners- sky and water,
old and young, near and far, human built and nature made,
the vast pond of the ocean and one's personal surf,
my memories of how it was and the irrefutable here and now.

2008 – to the present Mural Painting – Woodhull Hospital,2003 – to the present –Teaching Artist,
2006 Female Drummers Workshop, Website design, photography, 2004 Cornell Ceramics Studio, sculpture instructor,
1995 Brooklyn, NY YMCA - Art Instructor
Exhibitions- 2008 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, one twenty eight Gallery, 2007 one twenty eight Gallery, NY
2007 A.I.R. Gallery, NY, 2006 Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery – 3rd Wave Show,2003 Kanvas,
Awards &Scholarships- 2009 NYC DCA, BAC Regrant award
2006 Corel Graphics, Inc. - 2nd Prize - Photo Masters, 1999 Women's Art Colony - Artist Residency
1996-99 Art Students League - Work/Study Scholarship, materials grant