Quyen Truong

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Watercolor and color pencil on paper, 5x8in
Watercolor and color pencil on paper, 5x8in
Watercolor and color pencil on paper, 5x8in
Watercolor and color pencil on paper, 5x8in
Watercolor and color pencil on paper, 5x8in
Artist's Statement

The eternal, endless dimensions of painting never cease to fascinate me. Using this medium, I delicately touch, drip, drag, splatter, and spray felicitous hues and pigments across flat surfaces to suggest the turbulent, tumultuous movement roiling in our lives. Engaging the prism of painterly traditions, I refine / redefine my personal history to reflect and learn. As an immigrant, I find that art transcends language as a means of communication. Visual imagery can invoke questions, inculcate discussions, and thus expand our conception of social, economic and cultural realities. While the Vietnamese culture roots me, I aim to understand what compels the waves of immigrants in America, my adopted home. Via art, my identity as a Vietnamese American woman flourishes. The visual medium enables me to find like-minded individuals. I share my experiences to encourage cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary dialogues.


Born in Vietnam and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Quyen Truong earned her bachelor's of arts in Visual Arts at Brown University. Currently, Quyen is developing an art exhibit that brings to light untold stories from the Vietnam War, highlighting the impact of Agent Orange on children. Her past exhibitions include solo shows at Providence College's Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery, the Arlington Center for the Arts, the Cambridge Multicultural Center, and the Bell Gallery at Brown University. As a teaching artist and a youth mentor, she is particularly interested in the ways in which art can be leveraged as an educational media to create spaces for meaningful discourse. Her artwork on her father's seven years of imprisonment in Vietnamese Re-Education Camps has been integrated into the Choices Program at Brown University as part of a national curricula to teach students about unintended consequences of war.