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qi peng

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
jason robert bell baseball card (front side)
joelle jensen consuming her ice cream
amy pryor, prior to opening reception
kim holleman outside
dannielle tegeder near a window (or the mona lisa of the 21st century)
Artist's Statement

During my June 2009 solo show at envoy enterprises, I started to take a lot of documentary photographs of my friends and acquaintances in the contemporary art world. Some of these persons I met through email, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking websites. I begun to realize that I could use these homemade snapshots as the basis for an extensive series of oil paintings and works on paper entitled "the arbitrageur," a term that refers to the misalignment within economic markets.


qi peng was born in Queens, New York in 1976 and received his masters degree at Yale University. He is a conceptual artist who executes “interviews” as a form of collaborative portraits with various art professionals and also uses primary/secondary documents to examine the contemporary art market. Occasionally he does paintings, photographs, and works on paper. The artist’s studio is located near downtown Salt Lake City and he works sometimes in New York City for street art or fine art special projects.