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Preston Rescigno

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
New York City 2009
New York City 2009
New York City 2010
New York City 2010
New York City 2010
Artist's Statement

These photographs were born of a lack of reading material and a sincere fear of being alone with my thoughts while on the train. I’ve heard it said that we collectively die these little deaths while commuting together on the subway, as we go to and from the places that seem so important. Honestly I’m not sure where I had heard this, but it may have just been heard inside my own head.


I began in a community college in Massachusetts and eventually ended up with a New York City Ivy League schooling. Before, during and after said schooling, I’ve been making pictures and living a life that has included ecstasy and heartbreak, and a lot of other stuff woven in between. It hasn’t been all that bad, although I am currently writing this in a unheated studio in South Brooklyn, but I am listening to Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry.