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Peter Gerakaris

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'Solarium (Icarus) Diptych'. 36" x 27". Oil on hexagonally-shaped canvases. ©2011.
'Terrarium Tondo I'. 24" in diameter. Oil on canvas over panel. ©2011.
'MoonGate Tondo III'. 16" in diameter. Oil on canvas over panel. ©2010.
'How High the Moon'. 84" x 84". Oil on canvas. ©2009.
'Pollinator and Muse'. 96" (8ft) in diameter. Oil on polymer ground and canvas. ©2008.
Artist's Statement

These hand-generated oil paintings are complex optical amalgams, woven of conceptual threads that synthesize Nature-Culture themes with a more personal cosmology. Recurring postmodern motifs include, but are not limited to microcosms, macrocosms, botanical forms, entomology (the apiary world), vibratory optical patterns, toxicity in Nature, bilateral and radial symmetry and ethereal interpretations of the human form. As reinforcement of their content, the works deploy unconventional formats such as the tondo and hexagon. The former relates directly to human vision, serving as a lens or aperture, while the latter celebrates one of the most essential geometries for life: the honeycomb. The resulting hyper-graphic aesthetic references modes of contemporary pop and visual-vernacular, while ruminating on the way Nature is mediated at the expense of “the real” – these pluralistic threads ultimately strive to scintillate the retina and mind.


Born in rural New Hampshire, Peter D. Gerakaris ( was raised a “free-range-child”. Currently based in NYC, his paintings engage Nature-Culture dialectics.

Earning a BFA from Cornell University and MFA from Hunter College, distinctions include the: Tony Smith Award; National Academy Abbey Fellowship; Clowes Foundation Full-Fellowship (Vermont Studio Center); Wave Hill Sun Room Honorarium; plus residencies at Beijing’s Red Gate Gallery and the Bronx Museum.

In addition to solo shows at Wave Hill and Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts, exhibits include: Chinese Contemporary Gallery (Beijing); the Bronx Museum; Wave Hill; Daniel Weinberg Gallery; the National Academy of Fine Arts; Ana Cristea Gallery; The Doors Exhibition (Seoul Korea); Loretta Howard Gallery; and the Lancaster Museum.