Peter Feigenbaum

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
"Hole in the Sky" 16" x 20" Digital Metallic Print. 2011
"187.1" 16" x 20" Digital Metallic Print. 2010
"187.1" 30" x 40" Digital Metallic Print. 2010
"XRO: Nostrand and Gates" 30"x45" Digital Metallic Print. 2011
"XRO: FDB" 30"x45" Digital Metallic Print. 2011
Artist's Statement

Trainset Ghetto is voyeurism more than it is hobbyism. It is the physical byproduct of teenage suburban daydreams and attempts to live vicariously through an alien post-urban 1980s landscape that was in no way part of my quotidian existence–a landscape that I caught glimpses of through car rides down the Bruckner Expressway, Henry Chalfant’s graffiti photographs, and movies such as “The French Connection” and “Style Wars”. But this odd juxtaposition of lifestyles is a well-hidden text. I make few overt attempts to exploit this perverse juxtaposition of place and social circumstance in my photographs. Rather, the primary emphasis is always “setting the scene” in a hyper-real, trompe l’oeil manner.


Peter Feigenbaum was born in 1984 in Massachusetts and studied architecture at Yale University. He builds photorealistic miniature sets depicting street scenes of 80s era decaying New York, often photographing them on present-day streets juxtaposed against fullsize buildings. These places are 3D redeployments of the cinematic New Yorks of “The French Connection” and 80’s graffiti flicks, the digital New Yorks of Sim City and Grand Theft Auto spliced with the artist’s memories of the city’s fringes as seen from the Bruckner Expressway. His work effectively blends the aesthetics of Hip Hop with Baudrillard's theories of simulacra.

He has had solo shows at New York Galleries such as Open Source, Like the Spice and Heist. He has also worked with the Fuseworks multiples and editions program through Front Room Gallery. He was part of group show at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Otherworldly in 2011.