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A subway è chiù sicura, 2001 papier-mâché, iron, fibreglass, painting real dimensions
Attenzione! Pericolo di contaminazione, 1998 papier-mâché, iron cm 210 x 77 x 77
Boom, 20 papier-mâchè, fibreglass, bitumen, tempera (303 sheets) cm 223 x 209 x 196
Business is business, 2012 papier-mâchè, fiberglass, tempera cm 135 x 144 x 102
Luoghicomuniluoghi, 2012 pastel and tempera on papier-mâchè cm 111,5 x 197 x 10
& Vele
Artist's Statement
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Perino & Vele have carried on a consistently undulating discourse, suspended between nostalgia (for the reasons for doing; with the recovery of an ancient technique such as papier-mâché) and experimentation, by interpreting, transforming, establishing to use Heidegger’s words, the places where they intervene. Therefore, on one hand, without a doubt their work recalls tradition, the so-called “reasons for doing”: their characteristic forms, made with papier-mâché, are now an unmistakeable “mark”, having grown over the years to acquire an ever greater monumentality, which on one hand recalls the gigantism so dear to Oldenburg, and on the other the bewildering effect of objects of surrealist derivation and a certain theatrality dear to Arte Povera. Their vision, at once ironic and iconic, is in this sense based on a process of sculpture seen as the decomposition and reconstruction of the material.