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Peggi Pugh

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"A Moment. . . " Series 2009: Untitled
"A Moment. . . " Series 2009: Untitled
"A Moment. . . " Series 2009: Untitled
Coney Island Series: September 2008
Staten Island Ferry Series: (circa 1975-1979) 1) Hot Hot Summer 2) The Boxer
Artist's Statement

A Moment…
The new direction of these images marks a radical departure from my previous work that documented individuals in their particular environment. The absence of human imagery in this body of work was conscious. Disillusioned with the current self-absorbed nature of our political and financial institutions, I stepped away into the beauty of a serene environment to breathe. I stripped away the human figure to get to the core of my emotions. By clearing the noise and clutter with one single thought I have found my voice.


Peggi Pugh takes a piece of curved glass and gives it power. She is a photographer who uses her camera, computer and software to create visual art. Born in 1950 in Freeport, New York, she studied at the School of Visual Arts, The International Center for Photography in New York City and The Art Institute in Chicago.
Ms. Pugh’s work spans more than three decades. It includes photo essays on Belmont Race Track, the Staten Island Ferry, Fulton Street Fish Market as well as many cultural and social phenomenon. Recently she began refocusing her attention on nature and physical environment.