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Paul Seftel

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Though the Looking Glass 2013 48 x 60" minerals, pigments and polymers on canvas
Earth Sky Formation 2013 36 x 60" minerals, pigments and polymers on canvas
Night put on its Purple Cloak 2012 48 x 48" minerals, pigments and polymers on canvas
The Deep See 2012 48 x 48" minerals, pigments and polymers on canvas
Peceptual Shift 2012 36 x 36 " minerals, pigments and polymers on canvas
Artist's Statement

The exploration of nature, alchemy and spirit fuels my work as an artist. Making my own mediums using quartz, marble dust, mica, metal pigments, raw pigment, polymer and patina, I'm turning the canvas substrates to metal and stone and observing chemical reactions with colour and earth based materials

Using a combination of old fresco techniques and abstract expressive investigations of nature, there is transformational phenomena in the magic of colour captured, revealing how light and form is created in endless layers of veiled depth. The work recalls meditation, dreams, lucid moments of reality and deep experiences with nature. Exploring the cosmic nature of consciousness, perception is explored through texture and tone.


Paul Seftel was born in London 1974. Having studied studio arts, anthropology and history of art at Edinburgh University and College of Art, Paul pursued his higher creative education independently. Traveling, working on Film and TV projects, and living in London, LA, New Mexico and Colorado. he created many interior surface finishes combining art, architecture and design, learning formulas and ancient techniques from the building arts. The constant artist, traveler, thinker, the exploration and the journey is the artists path. Moving to New York in 2007, Paul has been developing work which draws together experience. He also runs PS Project Space, his studio/ workshop/ gallery as an artist incubator developing shows, projects and collaborations.