Paul Hammacott

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Artist's Statement

"When seeking new insights I look, look, look and play with many pictures; one picture is never enough." - Benoit Mandelbrot

Largely autobiographical, my paintings deal thematically with the larger issues of Life; Money and Love, Conflict and Religion, Sex and Mortality.

Utilizing the image of "Everyman,"(1) a stylized glyph of a self-portrait representative of Humanity, my work uses a pared down visual language in which an image is manifested and then manipulated through an ever-expanding repertoire of formulaic permutations.

The resulting pictorial field is one that is at times jostling and frenetic and at others, strikingly syncopated and rhythmic.

(1) See "The Somonyng of Everyman" (The Summoning of Everyman), usually referred to simply as “Everyman," the late 15th-century English morality play.


Paul Hammacott completed his Bachelors degree in his native England, pursuing his multi-media interests in drawing, etching, lithography, at the University of the South West, Exeter, (UK) and his Masters at the New School University, NYC.

Paul has exhibited at the Red Zone/23 Wall St Gallery, The MGC’s Project room, itmarksthespot, the Bronx Art Space, Greenpoint gallery, The Theatre for the City of New York, The Bluestockings LGBT activist center, and the Figment and Burning Man festivals. Paul has performed live drawing at "The Art of Restraint" events, and live screen-printing at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC. His work as a political activist was prominent on the streets during the Occupy protests of 2011/2012. Paul’s work is in the permanent collections of MOMA, The Whitney, the Tate Gallery (London), The National Museum (Washington), The New York Public Library and New York University.