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Paul Fortunato

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
NO TITLE AS OF YET acrylic on canvas 2007-2013 93 X 113 inches
THE FLOSSER (REVISITED) oil and acrylic on canvas 2005-2013 57 X 57 inches
FLY BEAR acrylic on canvas 2005-2013 118 X 150 inches
PAULIE UNCHAINED acrylic on canvas 89 X 117 inches
THE PRICE OF BOREDOM acrylic on canvas 78 X 102 inches
Artist's Statement

I have been born with the gift and the facility to draw. In 2013 I arrived at my creative breakthrough after 30 years of quiet research and development. The sources of my inspiration are natural history, predation in nature, my cats, the Asian girl, the love of the Asian girl, my razor sharp wit, and Ray Harryhausen. I have been at cruising altitude since 2013, with 30 mostly large paintings in the works since November. Part of the reason for my creative Cambrian blow out is having a studio that is large enough for me to work on as many as 30 large paintings simoultaneously. The other factor is my recovery from the use of anti-depressants, which nearly killed me. After dumping that shit (and the MD forever, I have been the happiest man alive ever since. IT IS GREAT TO BE ALIVE AGAIN.


Born: 1962, Flushing, NY
Education: School of Visual Arts, New York, 1984 BFA
Awards: Artists' Fellowship Award, Artists' Fellowship Inc, New York, 2014 grant
The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, 1993 grant
The MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire, 1993, residency
Solo Exhibit: "Paul Fortunato, Recent Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture", Hudson Guild, New York, 2003
Selected Group Exhibits:
"Future Days", Rafik Space, New York 2009
"Where It's At", Project Diversity Queens, New York, 2007
Hudson Guild, 2007
Drawing Center, New York, 2004
Silvermine Guild Galleries, Connecticut, 2003, 2001
Washington Square East Galleries, New York, 2003
National Academy of Design, New York, 1992
Hillwood Art Museum, New York, 1986