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Paul Deo

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"The 5ive". 2014. Mixed media on 75"x96" canvas.
"Dreams of the Unborn". 2016 Mixed media on 45"x57" canvas
"Alice's Song". 2016. Mixed media on 11"x14" canvas.
"Chagall's Dream". 2016. Mixed media on 11"x14" canvas.
"Planet Harlem". 2015. Mixed media mural on 21"x75" on concrete.
Artist's Statement

I create art that evokes the collective, drawing upon ancestral oral tradition as well as threads of modern mythology. My murals, multimedia projects, sculptures and canvas works establish a space for communal dialogue about history and imagination, magic and self-expression. I tell stories that seek to engage and inspire as many communities and individuals as possible.
Merging art and science, I connect traditional art with digital technologies to create the kind of beauty I’d like to see in the world. The kind of beauty you find in the spontaneous designs of clouds and stars, the kind of beauty that inspires homeless children to smile and become motivated to share their light with the world, the kind of beauty that inspires levels of hope beyond expectation. When people see my art, I hope they become as immersed in it as I am when I’m creating it.


Paul Deo is a visionary artist whose fine art, murals, films, installations, technology, performances, and texts address indigenous culture, and cosmological connection and expression.
PBS (2014) completed its miniseries Many Rivers to Cross about 500 years of Blacks in America in front of his innovative mural in Harlem. His paintings of heroic icons are in collections around the world. He has commissions from the NBA, FootLocker, Levi’s, State Parks of New York, Brooklyn Arts Council, Converse, and more for his creative visual art.
From New Orleans and Brooklyn, B.S. in Computer Science, and the first person of color in the film union in New Orleans IATSE chapter.
Paul and his family evacuated to NYC during Hurricane Katrina.
Deo teaches incarcerated teens, refugee orphans, and at risk youth.
“Trust Your Subconscious Mind” is a slogan often used by Deo in explaining his perspective on life and art.