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Paul Brainard

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
A Fire in the Snow 2009 pencil on paper 38 x 48 inches
All for themselves after all 2008 pencil on paper 37 x 35 inches
90,000 Sceamin' Watts 2010 oil on Canvas 55 x 40 inches
The Killing Moon 2009 oil on canvas 36 x 36 inches
An American Waste 2005 Pencil on Paper 38 x 48 inches
Artist's Statement

In my drawings, compositional elements refer simultaneously to deep space and surface arrangement. This formal device reflects the position of one’s reality, the gulf between where one exists in their mind as opposed to the reality of one’s existence. The images reflect my position in a media saturated consumerist society, combing elements of random advertising, personal photographs and religious imagery. Icons from early puritan New England gravestones mingle with images of pornography and homogenized culture. Time is compressed; forms overlap and eradicate one another.