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Patricia Dominguez

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
8th Island collection of living plants", Metal structure and living plants, in collaboration with Anne Mont, 2012
“The Static Runner Case, The Ecstatic Travel Series”, HD video, audio, loop, 2013.
“The Possibility of a Tree, Day #16”, site intervention, 2013.
“Syncing with the location Station”, herbs essences and performance, a collaboration between Pete Makela and Patricia Dominguez,
. “The Whopper Combo Case, The Ecstatic Travel Series”, HD video, sound, 11:50 min, loop.
Artist's Statement

My work traces, modifies, and imagines the genealogy of the relationships between humans and other living beings in the 21st century. A genealogy that does not mean tracing linear descents, ideas or people, but the images, categories, operations and proximities used to convey them nowadays. I am interested in transforming the processes of construction of these categories. I invent alternative personal approaches to get away from formal knowledge and its colonizing impulses of totalization. These new approaches respond to the entanglement of living beings through ethnographic, anthropologic, geographical, sociological and mythological operations that currently take place.


Patricia holds an MFA in Combined Media at Hunter College (2013), a BFA from Universidad Católica de Chile (2007) and studied Botanical and Natural Science Illustration at the New York Botanical Garden (2010). She has participated in artist residencies such as “The Watermill Center” (NY, 2011); “American Museum of Natural History” (NYC, 2011); “Sandbard Artist Residency” (India, 2012) and in the “Institute of Critical Zoologists” (Singapore, 2012). Her work has been included in publications such as “Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory” (2009) by the New Museum of Contemporary Art, among others. She has exhibited at “The Watermill Center” (NY); “Matucana 100” (Chile); “Galeria Loewethal” (Chile), and Sala CCU (Chile) among others. She was awarded “Becas Chile Conicyt” (2010), “Fondart”(2010) and “William Graft Travel Grant” (2012). Her upcoming projects will be shown at La Bienal of The Museo del Barrio (2013) and at MAC Chile (2014)