Patricia Ayres

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Studio Location
Paper Lithograph on Hand Built Metal Light Box, 2012, 22" X 30"
Paper Lithograph, 2012, 22" X 30"
Stained Elastic, Hardware From Women's Under Garments, 2007, Dimensions Variable
Performance Video Still. Wool, Spanish Moss, Industrial Tubing, 2007
Newspaper, Doll's Hair, Jute , 2005
Artist's Statement

I am a multi-disciplinary artist using installation, sculpture, mixed media and printmaking to explore issues of female identity, institution, restraint and confinement. My work is process based, relying on the transformation and manipulation of materials, such as wool, elastic, newspaper, hair and rubber.

Influenced by childhood memories of attending parochial school and spending time with my maternal grandmother (who had been a nun), the cloak and head covering is a reoccurring theme within my work. Haunting and bleak, these lithographs represent time, disintegration and isolation becoming a dichotomy; concealing yet revealing, simultaneously attracting yet repulsing within the exact same moment.


Patricia Ayres is an artist who lives and works in New York. Her work has been exhibited in New York and Berlin. She received a degree in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology and her BFA from Brooklyn College.

Her work has been featured in FAULT Magazine, Adam and Eve, CITY Magazine, Italian Vogue, The Fader Magazine, Fugue Magazine, Variety, Surface Magazine, Nylon Magazine, amongst others.