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Pablo Carpio

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Paint on a Chair. Acrylic and wood chair. 35x21x21 In. 2013
Painting. Acrylic. 6x4x4 In. 2013
Bound ( Red ). Acrylic and wood. 11.5 x 9.5 x 2 In. 2013
Line over line. Linen, canvas (primed, unprimed), acrylic. 51 x 8 x 7 In. 2014
Disassemble I. Mixed media on paper (Acrylic, canvas, wood and staples). 33 x 23 In. 2014
Artist's Statement

My work aims at building an indirect conversation between painting and sculpture, by transforming one medium into another—breaking imposed conventions and pushing the boundaries of painting. Combining the use of traditional painting materials with sculptural technique, I reconstruct and transform the original idea of a painting, reorganizing and transmuting the elements attached to the composition. Eventually creating works that escape from the idea of illusion or virtual representation, and absorbing the three-dimensional space. I am building paintings, exploring the plasticity of the materials through a range of actions such as pouring, casting, drying, cutting, folding, stacking, stretching, hanging, etc. Occasionally adding ordinary objects to my compositions. Through my work I attempt to open a contemporary social dialogue that might help to comprehend personal and collective transformations in a world in permanent reconstruction.


Pablo Carpio is a New York based artist born in Madrid.
In 2013 he participated in the Immigrant Artist Program of The New York Foundation for the Arts. His work has been exhibited at the New York Foundation for the Arts (Brooklyn. NY), Local Project Gallery (Long Island City, NY), Loft594 Gallery (Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY), Espacio Naranjo. (Madrid), etc. And his work has been recently featured on publications such us The Artist Catalogue, Fronterad Magazine and La Crítica NYC.