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Owen Spangler

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Aborted Kirby
Crippling Depression and Suicide
Hanging Vines
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Artist's Statement

Owen Spangler is an up and coming artist, with a leniency to modern art. Spangler is twenty five years old and has graduated from the Pratt Institute in 2014. He currently resides in his home town of White Plains, NY. He works as a part time 3D model designer, and collects plastic waste to fuel his creative art projects that capture the very essence of modern art. Spangler is known for his good taste of music, and how he blends that into his art. His piece, "Crippling Depression" was inspired by the obscure rap song, "Kill Yourself" by Pink Guy. Whenever someone questions his musical tastes, he responds with his signature motto, "You insult my taste of music, boy?" Spangler is a controversial artist, because his live performance piece titled, "Arushi Anime," triggered what are called "weeaboos" worldwide for not having any art in the hentai style. Others say that "Arushi Anime" is a celebration of Arushi Murali and his talents, such as



White Plains High School (G.P.A 3.89)
Pratt Institute (Design, Fine Arts, City and Regional Planning) Graduated 2014


2016, Muse Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY
2015, Art on the Hudson, Valhalla, NY


Holly Hughes, 2015 Winners, Photo District News


2014, Spangler Studio for the Arts, NonProfit, White Plains

Recognition and awards

2015, Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellowship, Plastic


Name of company/institution/private collection where your artwork is located, location
Juliati Photography Studio, White Plains, NY
Michael Albert Art Studio, White Plains, NY