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osama khatlan

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
BREATH, Acrylic on Canvas, 38 x 144 In.
I AM WOMAN; Acrylic on Canvas, 44 x 38 In.
MEMORY; Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 72 In.
Chair, Installation: Paint on Wood, Saw, 23 x 20 x 22 In.
WHY?, Installation:Stones, Hammer ,Drill, Acrylic on Canvas
Artist's Statement

“The expression of experience becomes possible with an organic link to disclose the values of color. line , image, form and material that create a total human understanding. A spectator is to be believed. I want to think that my paintings contain a clear reflection of the overriding human passions that unfold with increasing assurance; a vast open territory ready for the contests, the sufferings, frustrations and the celebrations of mankind. I want my painting to break away from the certainty and closely guarded function of the music and develop its own melody.”


Osama Khatlan was born in Diwaniya, Iraq in 1954. He studied graphic arts and photography at the Florence State Art Institute in Italy between 1981-1984.He began his career in 1977 working as an editorial cartoonist, drawing cartoons and pictures for books and numerous newspapers in Iraq, Italy, New York and London. He currently lives and works in New York. Khatlan has exhibited his work widely, including solo exhibitions in Baghdad, London and New York. He also took part in "Strokes of Genius: Contemporary Iraqi Art" an exhibition of Iraqi art, which toured in England and the USA from 2000 through 2002. Jan 2003: Salute to Poetry group show, Kufa Gallery, London.Mar 2015 ,Descendant of The Place, ICC Gallery, London.