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Oliver Halsman Rosenberg

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
bird kalidescope (kenitic objects and lights inside. look thru eyes). crust and dirt collaboration. Yerba Buena, SF, CA 2006
converted my grandmother's exercise-bike into a viewer controlled prayed wheel. Little Cakes Gallery, NY 2007
Shrine made from Halsman darkroom supplies. 3 Oroborus on wall feathers, egg shells, roses. Magnum Photo Gallery, Paris 2008
ClearVisionProcessOfRemovingBeliefSystemFilterFromDirectExperienceWithReality, gouache on paper series from INDIA 2009
Triple Base Gallery install. India group show/shrine. SF 2010
Halsman Rosenberg
Artist's Statement

 Hello you. Have you ever slowed down to feel every sensation associated with your breath? Like how when you breathe in, there is almost a whirlpool of energy that is centered at the place between the eyes, and if you continue to focus your attention there, you can begin to dance with that energy as it travels through your skull. Our body is the real museum to wander around and get lost with-in. Any attempt at art making on my behalf is to honor the energies I've connected with, and have surrendered to while in this non mental space. Work ranges from site specific installations that brings the viewer into a new sense of engagement, to small delicate paintings that intimately explores a conjunction of philosophic/scientific/spiritual themes.  As my understanding grows, the forms of communication adapt to suit the ideas they contain. Art is the fresh breath of life. Celebrate. Enjoy.


Like a bird a-top a totem pole of creative lineage, I've taken flight in nomadic migratory pattern thru India  Art major/art history minor Skidmore college NY, SACI in Firenze, publisher of zines, SF 2000-2006 curated, exhibited, & wrote about art, started the alternative art space Triple Base, collaborative team 'crust and dirt' -Instant Drawing Machine solo show @ The Drawing Center (NY 2006), words on me by Larry Rinder/Parkett, and Holland Cotter/NY Times. 2006-8 created digital database of grandpere's photo archive & published  _Unknown Halsman_ (DAP 2008). Work collaboratively with Clint Taniguchi (in the past), and Alexander Kori Girrard (in the present).