Oleg Falkov

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Brooklyn Bridge 40x48, oil on canvas
Yevgeniya plays ragtime 46x42, oil on canvas
Cold day in January 36X50, oil on canvas
The basket of fish 42X46, oil on canvas
Umbrellas 40x48, oil on canvas
Artist's Statement

The fundamental law for me is to have limitless freedom of expression. In my paintings, each line and each form has its own essence or spirit. Some forms express spiritual movement. Others stay still in the harmonious being. I use the combination of heterogeneous spaces, weightless forms, fancy shapes and objects combined with saturated colors and hidden elements. My art in many ways echoes the world of dreams.


I am currently living and working in New York. Born in Chernigov, Ukraine, raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, I studied Architecture and worked as an architect for many years.
As long as I can remember myself, I’ve been always painting. When I was very young, my mother gave me a notebook of my elder brother, which had been filled with letters and numbers and I drew over them with my color pencils, creating a completely new meaning. From that moment on, I continued to paint for almost fifty years. In my work I am mainly interested in depicting the relationship of time, space and an indirect presence of a life form. As example, in my painting – “The Brooklyn Bridge” is not just a literal representation of the bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan but for me it also symbolizes a link between the past and the future; Russia and America; my friends and me.