Ofill Echevarria

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
'THE CORNER at 34th St & 6th Ave' *23:23 Min. Non Stop Film. *No sound. *26 Inches LCD TV, framed [Vertical]
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'Looking For Abstraction' *23:31Min. Non Stop Film *No sound. *20 Inches LCD TV, framed.
Artist's Statement

As a part of my work as a painter, in this new Series of Pictures-In-Motion I have reproduced a moment of the city’s life, in real time, to create an art document as realistic as a photography alive.

A live Picture-In-Motion is exhibited [in a wall] as an Art Object which includes an LCD Television, framed.
The complete work is my own interpretation of a photography [or] a painting in real time [In Motion].

IMPORTANT: The clips showed are not fictional examples of the original movies or pictures-in-motion.
I am getting clips [scenes] of the original movies to describe the work in advance for this particular Internet space.