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nordic pop

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Artist's Statement

Nordic Pop by Oscar Dotter

if i were a
polar bear
eat you

exhibition location gallery 151

new collection pieces will not be revealed until 3.28.13 (opening of exhibition)


Nordic Pop by Oscar Dotter

The Huh What Art Studio presents an exclusive, one-artist exhibition featuring the latest collections of New York-based artist, Oscar Dotter. Nordic Pop will feature two collections entitled, “Abstract Polar” and “The Dots”.

The work of Oscar Dotter has been described as "punk rock meets the paintbrush,” as well as “jet fueled and hand crafted like a Howard Hughes aircraft.”
Oscar has lived in New York City since 1998. He often draws inspiration from retro and vintage themes, contrasted with bright backdrops of bold coloring, often with a touch of vulgarity.

A self-taught painter and sculptor, Oscar typically works on canvas with heavy acrylic
and oil paints, often incorporating other elements such as charcoal, silicon, leather, coffee, tea, plastics, textiles, wood stains and varnishes. Having painted his most of his life, Oscar has also produced art and visual installations internationally.