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Noah Loesberg

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Artist's Statement

I am interested in the objects, structures, and decorative devices that we navigate daily, those of the living room, the hallway, and the street outside. I start with a familiar object, and through substitutions in scale, materials and context develop varying levels of abstraction. By focusing on the small details of interior design and street level construction, where our interactions with architecture are personal, the work questions our unexamined relationships with the built environment. I like to think of my work as a parallel architecture, referring to building standards and types of buildings, rather than specific structures, places, or times. Connections are subtle or suggested and remain ambiguous.


2008 “Infrastructure,” Vertexlist, Brooklyn, NY
2008 “Neo-Constructivism,” Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ
2007 “Workspace Program 2001-2007,” Dieu Donne Papermill, New York, NY
2007 “The Building Show,” Exit Art, New York, NY
2005 Socrates Sculpture Park, EAFO5, Long Island City, NY
2005 “Subversion,” PS122, New York, NY
2004 “Artists in the Marketplace,” Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY
2003 “Formed to Function?” Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI
2002 Solo show, Vedanta Gallery, Chicago, IL
2000 “Rockford-Midwestern; Artists of the New Millennium,” Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL
2000 “Redo,” Standard Gallery, Chicago, IL
1998 Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago, IL
2004 Dieu Donne Papermill Workspace residency
2004 Artists In the Marketplace (AIM) at the Bronx Museum of the Arts
2000 Illinois Arts Council Fellowship, 1996, 1998