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Noa Bornstein

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
Keep Hope Alive,2015, ceramic w plant, 19 1/2" x 24" x 9"
Scapegoat, detail, 2013, wood,metal, sisal fiber in structolite, paint, 32"x 12"x 47"
Dog, 2011, sisal fiber in structolite over wire mesh and metal, wood, water based paint 31"x 29" x29"
Woman Reading on a Rock, 2007, bronze, 1" mounted on stone
Dr. Enker, 2010, wire mesh, plumbing pipe, sisal fiber in structolite, oil and spray paint
Artist's Statement

To struggle--and arrive--at a shape, a form, a feeling; an experiment, a communication, a clear small, truth.
Underlying my art is my hope or belief in human beings' potential for intelligence and compassion and the tension between these and other human propensities.


Noa Bornstein, moved to New York City in 1986 from L.A. after a traveling show of her studies for her 100' L.A. mural showed in cultural institutions in Brussels and Mons, Belgium and in Vienna, Austria. In New York, after completing a 90' mural commission for the Harlem Rehabilitation Center in 1987, her work developed into 3 dimensions. Her Duo show, "Survival of the Fittest", at P339 Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn(2013) featured her life-size and miniature animal sculptures. Recent exhibitions include, "Metro 31, Small Works," City without Walls (2015) Newark, NY and "Sculpture within Reach" (2014) at Sculpturesite Gallery in Sonoma California where her work is represented; Ground’s for Sculpture’s Toad Hall Gallery in Hamilton, NJ (2011); “Dreamwork” at the Centre for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies and Walter Randel Gallery, both in New York City, (2009). website: