Nikki Johnson

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Shedding Blonde, Lower East Side
Porn Star Joanna Angel with Homeless Man, Museum of Sex
Amputation Fetishist with his Cat, named "Star"
Empress Cocoa with Leatherman
T.'s Rosary Tattoo, Brooklyn
Artist's Statement

I divide a large part of my images between "passive-aggressive" portraiture and self-portraiture, as well as an ongoing series of documentary images from around the world. I am inspired in part, by many of the stories of my parents in Mississippi, who had various colorful experiences in law enforcement, meatpacking, music, and in a patient observation class at a mental health hospital. My mother even had a job as a census-taker in the 1950s, and said that virtually every fourth or fifth home had a relative hidden from view in a basement or hidden room. This is what engrosses me: the constant struggle between what is presented vs. what is actually present.


Nikki Johnson was born in, and spent the first half of her life in Mississippi. She has lived in the New York’s Lower East Side for over eleven years. She has exhibited widely in the US and Europe, and holds a Masters degree in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY as well as a Bachelors of Fine Art degree from Mississippi University for Women.

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