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Nicole S. Fernandez

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"this is the end of time"
"come home soon"
"hungry ghost"
Nicole S.
Artist's Statement

My grandfather came from Cuba in an ornately carved pirate ship. Beneath the tattered sails, mermaids would often trail crying out to him not to leave the tropic paradise of sugarcane. My grandmother, he said, was the town debutante and a prodigy piano player. She wore elaborate dresses that looked like expensive pastries before he stole her away. He'd often pull out the weathered clippings at this point ,that had somehow made their way through the mail after the revolution.

The oral tradition of storytelling was an important way for my family to keep alive the memory of the home they had to leave. I mark my life through making art, not straying far from what has been passed to me.



Born:1981, Miami, Florida

MFA, SVA 2006
BFA, Ringling School of Art and Design, 2004

Selected Exhibitions:
“Gutter Glamour”, Kaleid Gallery, San Jose, CA
"This Is Berlin Not New York"", Mastul e.V., Berlin
“A Delicate Arrangement”, Curated by Dan Cameron, David Zwirner , NYC, NY
“Twenty Eyes”, Curated by CANADA gallery, Visual Arts Gallery, NYC, NY

JCAL Studio LLC Fellow,2010
Featured artist on David Bowie’s Web site, 2005