Nicolas Ulloa

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
21 minute freestyle live performance-improvisation [no rehearsal before] with analogue synths, microphones and tv-noise
Being in the Laundromat is like entering in a deep hypnotic state where time stops. Photography, animation and music
Artist's Statement

Music is essentially the form of art in which the world reveals itself to me. It has always duplicated the structure of the world in its purest form. Schopenhauer said: " If the form of the world is best reflected in the form of music, then the most philosophical sensibility will be a musical sensibility."

My musical sensibility in the strongest drive I posses since my earliest memories. I thought myself a myriad of instruments and mediums, analog and electronic, as well as sound engineering. Musical composition, instrument creation and sound design are essential catalysts for my ideas, in which I balance work and creativity.


Award winning Musician and Graphic Designer based in NYC.

Areas of expertise:
- Sound Art, Sound Design, Music Composition and experimentation across multiple music genres.
- Motion design, post-production and animation.
- Interactive design, web design, print design.

Mins Integrated Marketing Award
- Honorable Mention: Best Event 2009 “O You!” for O, The Oprah Magazine
Promax awards
Gold Interactive Content Promotion —Website: General Entertainment
Program [TNT Leverage HQ]
- Bronze (Certificate) Interactive Content Promotion – Dramatic Program [TNT
Leverage HQ]
- Bronze (Certificate) Interactive On-line/Interactive Games/Immerging
Platforms – General Entertainment/Channel [TNT]
Event Marketer Magazine [EX]
Davey Awards
- Employee Communications [We Are Cognizant Trailer]