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Nicolas Lamas

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Vestigios.140 x 74 x 81 cms.
Domesticacion imposible. 60 x 30 x 65 cms.
Escenario natural. 60 x 45 cms.
Heterocigoto. 80 x 55 cms.
Polinizacion. 50 x 32 cms.
Artist's Statement

My work is created to contrast the perception that we have about what belongs to the natural order with dislocated structures that respond to the pressures and strains of contemporary culture. As part of this process, I build fragmentations in the organization of scientific knowledge that result in hybrids that demonstrate an ongoing clash between nature and artifice, between reality and fiction.

I am primarily interested in exposing the artifice that is implicit in any system of representation of living forms, revealing the falsehood inherent to the process of construction of knowledge in modern times and its utopias. Thus, I question the logic and rational procedures that have always been applied to classification systems, including the management of collections at museums of natural history and their predecessors, the cabinets of curiosities.


Nicolás Lamas (Perú)

Solo show
•“Denaturaciones: Cultura y fractura” Galería Lucía de la Puente
•“Desborde y contención” Galería 80m2

Collective exhibition
•“Quince años” Galería Lucia de la Puente
•“A4” Taller S/T
•“Visiones del arte contemporáneo en el Perú” Galería Lucía de la Puente
•“Munny” Galería Lucia de la Puente.
•“Tener Lugar” Fundación Telefónica
•“Subasta silenciosa” ICPNA
•“Fotografía peruana contemporánea” Galería Animal
•“F(r)icciones” La Galería
•“Godard” Centro Cultural de España
•“La plaga del lenguaje” Dispatx
•“La ilusión del pirata” Premi Miquel Casablancas, Centre Civic Sant Andreu
•“Postura” Casa Elizalde
•“Interferencia” project: “Espacio sustraído”
•“FIB ART 06”
•“Deriva” El Local
•“Sense Títol 05”
•“9a Ruta de Art Jove”
•“A-VENT Mostra d’ Art Contemporani”
•“Premi Salou de Recerca Pictòrica”