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Nick Van Zanten

Studio Building
Studio Interior
Studio Location
"Canvas 10," 26x42", Spray paint, screenprint, and latex on canvas
"OSB 14 II," 29x38", spray paint and latex on canvas
"Untitled (IV) (OSB 20 (OSB 14 III, OSB 16 III) II)," dimensions variable, Screenprints on paper and latex on canvas, and wood
"OSB 31 (OSB 23 III)," 15x22", oil on panel
"Georgia Pacific 4 (Fake OSB)," 22x15", oil on panel
Van Zanten
Artist's Statement

In my canvases, I use light in the spray-painted colors to create a false volume in contrast to the grid; an illusion of depth that changes the spatial relationship with the viewer. My installations of canvases falling off the wall, tiled with screenprints, similarly engage the viewer by projecting into his/her space. The colors and wood shards that I add to my panels are difficult to distinguish from the original OSB.
My process is never a straightforward transformation of the materials, but a simultaneous making and unmaking toward a visually ambiguous result - a reproduction of the site that was wrecked to create it.


b. 1988, Chicago, IL. BFA Pratt, 2011; Post-bac MICA, 2013.