Neil Conrad

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
'Bamako' 7/10 acrylic on paper 50" x 46"
'Seriously' 8/10 acrylic on paper 46" x 50"
'Cork' 7/10 acrylic on paper 50" x 46"
'Spill' 6/10 acrylic on paper 50" x 46"
Artist's Statement

I returned to painting and color last fall after a 6 year hiatus of doing monoprints and drawings in chinese ink. I rarely start with more than a feeling and the paintings evolve as improvisations and then revisions as I feel compelled to edit and amplify. influenced by all kinds of music, dance, I'm finding the more I give into impulses in the moment, the deeper the experience


my father was my first teacher. he'd lecture in the gallery and demonstrated a lot of things in watercolor. my only other teacher was Lois Swirnoff. exhibited and sold work out of Ward-Nassé in Soho 02-04.