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Nathan Bennett

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Foamcore and LED lights
Photo with color vinyl tape
Photo with color vinyl tape
Cast concrete, galvanized pipe, reflective mylar, chrome grommets and nails
Pencil impression on reflective mylar, chrome grommets and nails
Artist's Statement

As an artist, I am a sculptor that makes use of photography, drawing and painting. My practice vacillates between the use of readymade or constructed objects for their physicality and its relationship to space and the illusionary potential of the flat surface. My work acts as a historical, negotiable and evolving idea reacting to the experience and desired of the human self as it crosses the boundaries of society and enculturation. The work enacts a certain fantasy of the stylized self-empowerment through symbolism, quickly co-opted and manipulated. It is a character that examines what it means to be individually defined, is earnestly expressive as a hardened remnants congealed in time. I use a base form of nostalgia within my work, a reading that develops through loss and alienation. My practice aligns subtle references to minimalism, sculpture, architecture and photography.


Nathan Bennett received an MFA in sculpture from Cornell University in 2006, and subsequently pursued a year of independent study as a DAAD Fellow at the Universität der Künste with Rebecca Horn acting as his advisor. His DAAD research project examined the pragmatic applications of Joseph Kosuth’s term, ’anthropologized art,’ within a German context. In 2007, he was a resident at Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Workspace Program, and a 2008 resident at the Bronx Museum’s AIM Program. He has been awarded a CCA Individual Artist Grant, Summer Scholars Fellowship and a National Woodcarvers Association Scholarship. His work has been exhibited nationally including The Bronx Museum, Momenta Art and PS122 gallery, Dayton Art Institute, Lock Haven University, Illinois Central College, Earlville Opera House, Lincoln Center.