Nate Anspaugh

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Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Mother, excavated posters collage, 88" x 96", 2009
Grub, excavated posters decollage, 24" x 36", 2009
TIMA, oil, acrylic & excavated posters collage on cotton drop cloth, 84" x 128", 2008
Pig, oilpaint stick and excavated posters collage on canvas, 45" x 51", 2008
The Lowered Muzzle of Some Hunting Creature, oil, acrylic & collage on canvas, 48" x 62", 2008
Artist's Statement

The fragments of posters I excavate from the city walls have a historical significance, as artifacts of a specific place and time.  Namely, New York City, the epicenter of overproduction and hyper consumption.  Considering the posters internal logic as a means of communication, it is an emotionless entity.  By tearing these posters from the walls of the streets, then translating them into "matteric paintings," I'm discovering a world whose signs no longer pertain to the individual, but to the "public."  The work is inspired by place and is shaped by my direct investigation of the streets, which I daily walk.  By extracting materials directly from my environment, I am linking my work specifically to the urban sprawl of New York City.  It is an attempt to forge a link between studio and city, between artist and collective context.



Birth:  Dayton, Oh 1.6.81 childhood: Liked dinosaurs, sand boxes, turtle hunting,  had an obsession with mothers silk scarf.  Teens: Sat in a wicker chair with legs propped on families dining room table & listened to Aerosmith for hours. College: University of Central Florida (BFA Fine Art).  Did a lot of surfing, sang in a band, fell in love three times & made art.
New York City - Moved to NY in 2005.  Lived with a dominatrix, Got jumped, made snow angels in Jackie Robinson Park.
6 group shows, one performance, visiting artist in Venezuela in 2008.  Will show work in Acarigua, VZ this year at the Museo de Art Acarigua Araure in a show titled 5 x 5.  The show will travel to San Fran & NYC.