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Naama Tsabar

Studio Building
Studio Interior
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Studio Location
Performance on Doublecherryburst, 2009. Materials: 2 guitars, metal, fiberglass.
Untitled, 2009. Installation with black rubber floor mats and cable ties.
"Encore", 2007. Installation with gaffer tape.
"Sweat", 2009. Installation with Remy Martin XO, Bed sheet and shelves.
"Twilight (Drum Case)", 2006. Mixed media installation with drum set and glass.
Artist's Statement

It is the show behind the curtain that fascinates me: the floor mats, gaffers tape,  alcohol, bed sheets. Playing in a band performing in small crowded venues and bar tending. I have experienced these venues at their extremes and from both sides. In my art I go back to such experiences to investigate the inert structures and tools that support emotionally charged spaces. I employ trigers such as smells, sounds and materials to evoke and unleash a twilight zone thats between personal and public memory. With in this zone I explore overwhelming states of invasion, transgression and deviation, as in Untitled where hundreds of bar floor mats formed an industrial earth work, or in Encore where the stabling action of the gaffers tape has gone to far and cocooned the stage. These structures embody liminal states characterized by the tension between the visible dimension of excess and the material's powerfully internal order.


Naama Tsabar is an installation and performance artist. Using every day materials she forms experiential and conceptual charged installations, exploring questions of power, eroticism, gender and memory.  Tsabar is currently finishing her MFA in visual art at Columbia University/. Solo exhibitions include: Pianissimo Gallery, Milan (2009), Art Statements  Art Basel (2008),  Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv (2007), Herziliya Museum for Contemporary Art, Israel (2006). Future exhibitons include a solo show at the Tel Aviv Museum, Israel (2010) and group show at Fisher Landau Center (2010). Selected group exhibitions include: Haifa Museum, Israel (2009), The X Initiative, New York (2009), The Bucharest Biennale (2008), Art Focus, Israel (2008), Casino Luxembourg Institute for Contemporary Art (2008), Dvir Gallery, Israel (2007), Gordon Gallery, Israel (2005), Sommer Gallery, Israel (2004).